Combating Sagging Skin in My 50s: My Multi-Step Routine

Combating Sagging Skin in My 50s: My Multi-Step Routine

Ageing Face

Retinoid          Vitamin C


Lactic Acid                   Snail Mucin


SPF 50                Collagen           Water


VR headset  LED Therapy  my NuFACE


NEWA device

Sagging skin is an unfortunate part of aging. As we get older, our skin loses elasticity and collagen, leading to crepey texture, jowls, and wrinkles. While some amount of slackening is natural, there are many ways I combat it. Here’s my detailed multi-step routine.

  • Retinoids are the gold standard for increasing collagen production. I use¬†Platinum¬†Skincare‚Äôs 0.55% Fusion A Luminosity Retinoid Concentrate¬†2-3 nights per week. I start with a small pea-sized amount after cleansing and applying my serums. ¬†I gently massage it into my face, neck and chest. Retinoids can be drying, so I always follow with a rich night cream.
  • In the mornings, I apply¬†Timeless Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum.¬†The 20% L-ascorbic acid tackles free radicals while the E and ferulic acid stabilize and enhance absorption. I pat 3-4 drops onto damp skin after cleansing, and let it soak in fully before applying the rest of my skincare.
  • For exfoliation, I like to use a light alpha hydroxy acid in the mornings.¬†The Ordinary‚Äôs Lactic Acid¬†gives me a glow. After cleansing, I sweep a drop full across my face, neck and decolletage, avoiding the eye area. Start 1-2 times per week and slowly increase frequency as your skin tolerates.
  • Hydration is crucial as well. I apply¬†COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence¬†morning and night. The high concentration of snail secretion filtrate plumps my skin and gives an instant boost of hydration. I follow with moisturizer to seal it in.
  • One non-negotiable is SPF. I use¬†Cotz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 50¬†for its sheer tint and mineral protection. I apply 1/4 teaspoon after my morning applying all my skincare products and reapply every 2 hours if I'm outdoors. Preventing further sun damage is key.
  • I also stay hydrated by drinking a full gallon of alkaline water daily. My favorite is¬†Beyond 02 water.¬†Drinking lots of water keeps skin cells plump and healthy.
  • Managing stress is huge too. I carve out 15-20 minutes for meditation using my¬†Oculus VR headset.¬†Deep breathing helps lower cortisol levels that accelerate aging.
  • I use my¬†The Light Salon LED collar neck & face¬†3 times a week for 3 minutes per section to boost collagen production. LED light energizes cells and research shows it firms‚Äô skin.
  • For toning and contouring, I use¬†my NuFACE¬†5 times a week. The microcurrent gently works out my facial muscles to lift and improve elasticity. I move it in upward, outward strokes.
  • I also incorporate radio frequency treatments with my¬†NEWA device¬†twice a week. The RF heat stimulates new collagen growth over time for tighter skin.

    It does take diligence, but consistency with these dermatologist-backed products and tools makes a real difference in fighting sagging skin. What anti-aging tips work for you? Let me know in the comments!

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